About OWL

Our Wood Lands (OWL, as we endearingly refer to this project) is an organization that is gently growing Into an educational & relational hub for folks to dive together into hand-crafts interwoven with intergenerational land relations.

coined by author David Abram, the word "Eairth" calls deeply to the heart of this project, beckoning us to move through this world as a living, breathing organism that we do not live UPON, but rather, WITHIN.

*Seasonally, we are beginning a rotational redistribution plan from our workshops that in winter 2022 gives 10% back to Equitable Dinners Atlanta in gratitude for their bridge-building work that has impacted our lives, the local ATL community, & offered an understanding of equity that translates worldwide. Thank you.

Outreach has been made to two different Mvskokee tribes to redistribute wealth back to these traditional inhabitants of this place which we hope to institute in the upcoming Spring 2023 Season.