I am a writer, a poet and a lover..

I am a dreamer and a schemer making plans to change the world.

I am a hero wrapped in a sarong.

I am a tree with a strong trunk and deep roots.

I have many scars and broken branches.

Just as many new limbs and leaves.

I am planted on the edge of the precipice facing into the wind.

I am gnarled and broken by it’s force, but never destroyed.

I am patient and planning; watching and listening; Growing and loving; casting my abundance for any and all.

When you read my mission, vision and values for BUStOUT, you will see me buried in the details.

You can Reach him:

All Photos Credits Attributed to Kate Marie Cofsky & Dojo Turnbull except as follows.

Sacred Bodypainting by Kate Marie Cofsky & Clara Moon : Photo by Scott Rust

Vitruvian Man Bodypainting by Kate Marie Cofsky for Hemlockfest : Photo By Vinson Smith