We invite you to stay awhile in this place we call home.
5 acres with walking access to 800 forested acres + the Dog Riv

Ancestral homelands of the Mvskokee People, Black Bear, Eastern Grey Wolf, Wapiti, Ivory-Billed woodpecker, Passenger Pigeon, American Chestnut & more

—we sing your spirits home.

Living on the edge between modern comfort & traditional simplicity.

Bridging ancestral lifeways with the everyday.


Card Woven Straps
••• November 25th-27th •••

Rawhide Hock Bags
••• December 2nd-4th •••

Medieval to Modern: Turnshoes for Today
two weekends
December 10th-11th & 17th-18th

• • • click here: Workshops • • •

Financial transparency, Solidarity, Work Exchange

plus Sliding Scale Self-Assessment & Payment options Available **

••• Interested in staying at our farmhouse? •••

Click here to check out the Sunrise Suite PDF

newly renovated & ready to rent for short or long term stays.

The accompanying Sunset Suite will be ready soon!

building out a home-on-wheels? Need a place to park & be a part of community?

outdoor kitchen, woodstove, apothecary, outdoor shower, Laundry, compost toilet, millshop & materials.

Share your schedule & ideas with us!