Registration + Transparency

••• Financial Transparency •••


Answer this quick questionnaire on your own to self-determine your rate:

1. Are you primarily a descendent of settler-colonists? If no, skip this questionnaire & jump below

2. Are you or your family homeowners or landowners —OR— rent high-end properties?

3. Do you own a car —OR— comfortably choose not to own one?

4. Are you currently employed at a living wage that meets your everyday essential needs*? — OR— If you are not currently employed, non-employment is a choice you've made because you have a safety net of savings, friends & family, or a retirement fund?

5. Are you dependent-free —or— generally able to support your dependents (children, elders, etc)?

6. If you have debt, does it prohibit you from meeting your everyday essential needs*?

7. Have you received or pursued higher education —or— had the option available to do so?

8. Do you experience relative ease of access to healthcare?

9. Are your bills & subscriptions on auto-pay?

10. Are you generally able-bodied & healthy?

••• If you answered no to number 1:

I'd like to offer you free access to this programming in an effort to redistribute wealth to people of the global majority. Please select the Solidarity Access rate of $0 to enjoy the opportunity to learn with me.

••• If you said yes to 8-10 of the questions:

Thank you for selecting the Pay-It-Forward amount which covers the full cost of the program, plus 10% that is seasonally redistributed to organizations listed below.** This also creates opportunities for those with less access by redistributing the wealth directly to those interested in these educational opportunities.

••• If you said yes to 5-7 of the questions:

Thank you for selecting the Pay-In-Full amount which covers the full cost of the program. 10% is seasonally redistributed to organizations listed below.**

••• If you said no to most of the questions, but yes to Number 10:

Please consider selecting the Worktrade option. Your time, energy, & effort offered at a rate of $15/hour is a balanced exchange which I would be thrilled to receive. Your labor would benefit the maintenance of our homestead that provides the fertile ground from which I am able to offer my programming.

••• If you said no to most of the questions, and No to number 10:

Thank you for selecting the Sustaining Payment amount at a steeply discounted rate that provides access to you at a minimal amount that allows me to gently balance the time, cost & effort of offering these programs to you.

*Everyday Essential needs include food, shelter, transportation, necessary clothing, child & elder care, medical care, etc.
**Currently donating 10% to Equitable Dinners Atlanta.

If this chart or the work exchange options fail to meet your needs for access to learning these skills, please, please! reach out to Kate to engage in a dialogue about how she can meet your needs.

Assessment & Scales inspired by
AORTA & Embracing Equity & Alexis J. Cunningfolk